Media Center Policies

Media Center Policies

Visiting the Library and Check Out

  • Students may check out up to two (2) items at a time
  • Books are checked out for two (2) weeks 
  • Materials may be renewed as long as no other students have the title on hold

Student IDs

  • Students' first ID card is free
  • Replacement cost for lost or damaged ID cards is $3.00

    Catalog and Databases

    • Searching for items in the collection is done through our online catalog - Destiny Discover
    • Destiny Discover is accessible from any computer through LaunchPad either on campus or from home
    • Online databases are listed on the Destiny homepage

    Student Expectations

    • The library does not need to be silent, but students should be respectful of others working in the Media Center
    • Materials need to be returned to their correct location after use or to the circulation desk
    • Returning materials are to be placed in the return slot located at the circulation desk
    • Students visiting the Media Center during class time must have a pass signed by a teacher