IMPORTANT: A school physical is not the same as an Athletic Physical. All Athletic Physicals must be completed on the Pre-participation Physical Evaluation document provided in the Athletic Physical Packet.

1. An athletic physical is required in order to try out for the following sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Track. An athletic physical is not required for physical education classes. (That is another form.)

2. In order for a student to be medically cleared to participate in Athletics the following forms must be completed and signed in the appropriate areas:

  • Sports Screening Physical Examination
  • Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (2 pages)
  • Notification of Risk
  • 2 Emergency Treatment Authorization Cards

Below is the link to the Physical Form Packet that all students need to print and fill out prior to trying out for a sport. As well as directions for FMS Athletic physicals.

2017-18 OCPS Physical Packet.pdf
Academic Eligibility (2017-18).doc