Florida Standards Assessments (FSA Assessments)

With Students As Top Priority, Florida Chooses Replacement for FCAT: Florida’s new assessment tool will assess student progress on new Florida Standards

As many Floridians are aware, our state has been in a period of transition as we have made important decisions to improve our education system and raise the bar for our schools, educators and students. Please see below for an overview of the direction we are moving in statewide assessments, which assessments will be offered in the upcoming school year, how those assessments will be offered and ways families can support their children in preparation for the new assessments.

The Florida Standards and Florida Standards Assessments

All Florida schools will teach the Florida Standards, and the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) has contracted with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to develop and administer new statewide assessments. These assessments will provide parents, teachers, policy makers and the general public with information regarding how well students are learning the Florida standards.

What assessments will my child be taking?

  • Grades 3–11 English Language Arts: Reading component 
  • Grades 4–11 English Language Arts: Writing component
  • Grades 3–8 Mathematics
  • Algebra 1 End-of-Course Assessment - enrollment based 
  • Geometry End-of-Course Assessment - enrollment based

6th Grade testing is paper-based with the exception of those who are enrolled in a 7th grade math course. These students will complete a computer-based assessment. 

Finding Resources

Families are encouraged to take advantage of the information and and resources available on the Florida Standards Assessments portal (Florida Statewide Assessments website) and the FDOE website (Florida Department of Education). 

Computer-Based Testing

AIR offers a dynamic computer-based test delivery system. Students will respond to items in multiple ways, including creating graphs, writing short responses and using other interactive features. The various question types are designed to assess higher-order thinking skills and offer exciting new ways for students to show what they know and can do. Practice tests are now available for students, parents and educators to become familiar with the new testing system. The practice tests can be accessed at Florida Statewide Assessments website.

All grades 7–11 English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments will be administered online, with paper-based versions available for students with disabilities who have this accommodation outlined in their Individual Educational Plans (IEPs). Computer-based accommodations, such as text-to-speech, will also be available in the platform for eligible students who require them.  Please reference the 2020–2021 Statewide Assessment Schedule located on the FSA portal (Florida Statewide Assessments website) for information about when the tests will be administered.

Promoting Success and Family Support

Parents can promote student success by staying involved in their child’s education, offering positive support and feedback and encouraging them to relax and do their very best. By staying connected with their student’s school and teachers and taking advantage of online resources, such as school websites and portals, parents can stay informed and be best equipped to meet the needs of their students at home.