School Advisory Council for Westridge Middle School

Meetings are held regularly every month from August through May. Meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month and are held in the media center at Westridge Middle School at 6:00 P.M.


SAC has types of members: Teachers, school staff, parents, students, business leaders and community volunteers. In accordance with State of Florida law, no more that 50% of the membership may be school employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a team of volunteers who represent various segments of the community.

Who can join?

Teachers, parents, students, administrators, support staff, business community and anyone else who is interested.However, no more than 50% of the membership may be employed at the school.

What do they do?

The SAC assists in the preparation, evaluation and implementation of the School Improvement Plan. It may also assist the principal with the school budget.

What does it cost?

Nothing, there are no membership dues. The Westridge Middle School SAC does not currently maintain any funds.

How do they help?

The SAC collects information about the school. The information is studied and evaluated to identify problem areas. The SAC develops improvement strategies and makes recommendations to the principal and staff. The SAC then monitors the implementation of their recommendations and gathers more information to be studied and evaluated.

How many meetings?

The SAC meets once per month during the school year. The meeting in September is the organizational meeting where officers are elected and the principal informs the members about the current School Improvement Plan.The principal may also describe what his/her goals are for the coming school year and how the SAC may help.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

No, but you should attend as many as you can. The SAC needs members who are willing to be active participants in the process of school improvement.

Do I have to be a member to attend?

No.The SAC adheres to the "Sunshine Law".That means that all meetings are public.

Why does it exist?

The State of Florida mandates by law that each school must have a SAC. [State law statutes: s. 230.23 (16) and 229.555(1).]

Who are the SAC officers?

There are currently three elected positions in the SAC. The SAC Chairperson, the SAC Vice Chair person and the Secretary.

What functions do they perform?

The Chairperson assists the principal in determining meeting agenda, chairing the meetings, assigns tasks to members and forms any subcommittees as required.

The Vice Chairperson, assists the Chairperson in performing his/her tasks and performs any other tasks assigned by the Chairperson.

The Secretary keeps minutes of all meetings, records all decisions, publishes the minutes for the principal and the Chairperson and performs any other tasks assigned by the Chairperson.

How do I join?

You may join the SAC at any time. There are sign up sheets available during school open house and during "Meet The Teacher night". You may join during any SAC regular meeting. Meeting dates, times and locations are posted in the school office.