The Multicultural Committee

Dr King

Greetings Westridge Family,

On behalf of the Multicultural Committee, I would like send a "Sincere Thank You" to all who came out on last night to support the Black History Program. What a phenomenal night! Once again, the talent was "fierce" and everyone was on point! We are so fortunate here at Westridge Middle School to have so many talented and gifted students and staff!!I would like to thank those as well who wanted to come to the program but had other commitments. I would like to give "Special Mention" the following people: Ms. Aviles, Ms. Bauplan, Ms. Bell, Ms. Brandt, Ms. Colon, Ms. Daniels, Mr. DeLoach, Mr. Denosky, Ms. Diaz, Mr. Fontaine, Ms. Francis, Ms. Gavilanez, Ms. Gelin, Ms. Hill, Ms. Jackson, Mr. B. Jones, Mr. E. Jones, Ms. Marsh-Beersingh, Ms. McMiller, Mr. Morgan, Ms. Only, Ms. Salters Mr. Santiago, Ms. Schneider and Ms. Wong. 

Thank you Dr. Reed for making the beautiful program flyer, Ms. Reinoso for assisting Ms. Diaz with the YMCA dancers, and Ms. Russell for writing out the certificates for the winners of the essay contest. Dr. Camacho thank you for your continued support!!!


“It’s all about the kids”


Geraldine Olajide  EdS