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6th Grade - Silvia Hemsath
[email protected]
407-354-2640 ext. 5284605

7th Grade - Faith Salters
[email protected]
407-354-2640 ext. 5284466

8th Grade - Alyssa McNair
[email protected]
407-354-2640 ext. 5284244

Math Teachers
Teacher's Name Grades Email Voicemail
Brittani Gaskin 6th [email protected] 5284603
Janet Herrington 6th [email protected] 5284412
Dianetra Hill 6th [email protected] 5284604
Cindy Jolly 7th [email protected] 5284232
Celcey Nilsson 7th [email protected] 5284422
Jerry Bernadel 8th [email protected] 5284420
Betsey Carreras 8th [email protected] 5284408
Viana Gilles 8th [email protected] 5284277
Frank Johnson 8th [email protected] 5284304

Mathematics Description and Overview

The Mathematics Curriculum of Orange County Public Schools provides a comprehensive and coherent set of goals for mathematics for all students. It is based upon the Florida Sunshine State Standards/Florida Mathematics Content Standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards.

It is what we expect each student to know and be able to do. It is our belief that all children can learn mathematics, and they deserve the opportunity to do so. 

Middle School – Middle School Task Analyses

The following link is the suggested Order of Instruction organizes the benchmarks into nine-week segments so that all benchmarks assessed by FCAT can be taught prior to its administration. The state has not yet determined which of the newly revised math benchmarks will be tested. As soon as the Curriculum Services Department of OCPS receives this information the suggested Order of Instruction will be revised, if necessary, to ensure that all tested benchmarks can be taught prior to FCAT administration.

First Nine Weeks Focus

Curriculum Tools and Resources

The following are links to educational resources and/or tools utilized in the classroom. Please, feel free to become familiar with such items by browsing their websites:

My Access
Progress Book
Accelerated Reader
FCAT Explorer
Florida Achieves
FCAT Sample Questions
FCAT Essential Vocabulary
Textbook Internet Site
Curriculum Instructional Assessment (CIA) Blueprints