Language Arts

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Curriculum Leader:
Dawn Brown
[email protected]
407-354-2640 ext. 5283000

Language Arts Staff
Teacher's Name Grades Email Voicemail
Dawn Brown 6th [email protected] 5283000
Ryan Lesto 6th [email protected] 5282521
Ashley Morton 6th [email protected] 5282475
Lynda Wong 6th [email protected] 5282443
Whitley Dolly 7th [email protected] 5282291
Elizabeth Moss 7th [email protected] 5282236
Ashley Reams 7th [email protected] 5282427
Cecile Burnett 8th [email protected] 5283001
Wilson Esteves 8th [email protected] 5282415
Dean Lewis 8th [email protected] 5282417
Daniel Reynold 7th & 8th [email protected] 5282270

We are using Springboard in all Language Arts Classes

Language Arts Description and Overview:

Language Arts education incorporates the teaching and learning of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Language Arts is the methods of communication by which we live, work, share, and build ideas and understandings of the present, reflect on the past, and imagine the future. Through this subject area, we learn to appreciate, integrate, and apply what is learned for real purposes in our homes, schools, communities, and workplaces.

Middle School - Order of Instruction

The following link is the suggested Order of Instruction organizes the benchmarks into nine-week segments so that all benchmarks assessed by FCAT can be taught prior to its administration. The state has not yet determined which of the newly revised Language Arts benchmarks will be tested. As soon as the Curriculum Services Department of OCPS receives this information the suggested Order of Instruction will be revised, if necessary, to ensure that all tested benchmarks can be taught prior to FCAT administration.

First Nine Weeks Focus:

Students will focus on the following aspects during the first nine weeks:

Reading Standards: focus benchmarks are Main Idea & Compare and Contrast (additional reading benchmarks will be addressed throughout the nine weeks)

Writing Standards: Expository and Persuasive (focus on Expository)

Novels: No novels until the second nine weeks. Student should work on completing summer reading and assigned projects/assignments (see your Language Arts teacher for the official due date).

Curriculum Tools and Resources:

The following are links to educational resources and/or tools utilized in the classroom. Please, feel free to become familiar with such items by browsing their websites:

Spring Board
My Access
Accelerated Reader
FCAT Sample Questions
FCAT Explorer