National Junior Honor Society Letter

Last night was an Amazing NJHS Ceremony. So many thank yous to share. Thank you to Mr. Fontaine for the inspirational words shared. Thank you to both Mr. Byron Jones and Mr. Santiago for the music entertainment. Thank you to the NJHS faculty advisory team: Ms. Arline, Ms. Wong, Ms. Paternoster, and Mr. Gonzalez for being part of last night’s ceremony. Thank you to Mr. Himschoot, Ms. Petutsky, and Mr. Wieselberg for taking the time to see our students’ accomplishments in action. And finally, a huge thank you to Dr. Reed for putting together yet again another memorable event for our students.
            Last night was proof of our team members coming together to celebrate service learning and leadership in our young people. This is what it is all about. So Proud to be a Warrior!

Chris M. Camacho, EdD
Westridge Middle School
“Every Child College Bound…It’s the Westridge Way!”
Emerging National AVID Demonstration School

Thank you so much Dr. Camacho for supporting our efforts to teach our students to be servant leaders. In addition to the thank you sentiments below, I also want to say a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Daniels, Ms. Jolly, Ms. Bermudez, Ms. Olajide, and Mr. Hector and his team for your tireless efforts to help me make the occasion memorable. I also want to include my 5th Faculty Council member- Mr. McMillion, for your help in the application process. I appreciate the hard work each council member provides to keep or NJHS Chapter strong.
I look forward to another great ceremony May 2018. J

Dr. Reed